We had to give up our puppy this week. It was very hard on the girls, especially considering it was their Christmas present, but there were just too many health issues with asthma and allergies to keep her. I am optimistic they will forgive me one day, especially considering their breathing and sniffling has already improved dramatically. Well, their sniffling has improved, it has diminished. I think “improved” sniffling would be a bad thing… but I digress. 

Although being in a house without a dog is a terrible thing, I know that I will be just fine. A canine companion is, after all, a privilege, not a right. This got me to thinking, ‘What else could I do without?” Whenever one hears that questions, material goods invariably come to mind, to which I say “BULLSHIT! All of it!” I happen to love my 42″ LCD, and all the educational programming it brings me. My PS3 and its wonderful ability to let me shoot people without remorse or grow rich without work is a wonderful gift that technology has bestowed upon me, and I am determined to keep it. My car is a lot more comfortable than a bus seat, and my smart phone is being surgically attached to me as soon as I can find a surgeon who will do that for me. So, after a lot of thought, here are 10 things that I could do without, in no particular order. 

  • The Kardashians. Okay, I know I said “no particular order” but there is a reason this is the first thing on my list. These camera whores have absolutely NOTHING to contribute to society, yet they make more money than all the teachers in an entire school district. In my opinion, the Kardashians (and the Hiltons, the Snooki’s & Situations of the world, etc) are really what’s wrong with Western Society. If people put the time, money, and effort into feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, or helping the elderly that they putting into these pseudo-humans, the world would be a much nicer place. 
  • Politics. As some of you know, I grew up with a passion for politics. I even studied in university, until Mulroney got a second term. I am not as ardent a follower now as I was then, but I still love it. Yet it seems to me that the lines between parties and platforms is getting blurred. It’s more about them than us, much more than it ever has been, and it’s much more about the have’s than the have not’s. Furthermore, it seems that they all went to the same school, and the dean of admissions was P. T. Barnum.
  • The internet. Ironic, eh? I used to be a fairly avid reader of all types of books: fiction, historical biographies, history, science, and fantasy were my favourites, but the internet is making us dumb. Now if we want to know something, we look it up, quickly, but no one seems to consider the factors behind things any more, or the consequences of things. Plus, we are so eager to Tweet (follow me @kerriejaques) and Facebook, that we don’t talk to people any more. I try to talk to someone in their 20’s and it seems they have no clue how to make small talk. Sorry, but I don’t want to talk about booze, babes, and parties any more. Sure I spoke of those things when I was 20, but I could also hold up a conversation with pretty much anybody. 
  • Ice cream. I jest, I just couldn’t do with ice cream. 
  • Sweating. Seriously, why on earth did we evolve (or be created) to have sweat glands in our butt cracks. Is this an evolutionary joke?
  • My right leg, below the knee. I’ve broken, fractured, or chipped 7 different bones in unrelated incidents in my right foot, ankle, or shin in the past 3½ years. Plus I’ve had Plantar Fasciitis, ligament damage, 2 sprains, and a lost toe nail in that same time. 
  • Driving. Is it me or are GVRD drivers the worst? From what I can tell, a yellow light means ‘gun it’, a red means that at least 1 or two more cars can go, and green means ‘ride the brakes”. Stop signs are simply meant to add colour to the neighbourhood, and that stick on the left side of your steering column is used solely to turn on your high beams… and never turn them off. They are not meant to indicate what way you want to turn, or that you want to change lanes. Oh, and shoulder checks are obviously unhealthy because very few people do them. 
  • Snow. Having spent a good chunk of last winter touring around India, I think that living in the cold is nothing more than a burden. Shoveling snow is, let’s face it, a pain in the arse. And no I don’t ski. Skiing would imply that you spend most of your time on your skis. What I do should, therefore, should be called assing. 
  • Grumpy people. But I think that’s universal. 
  • The legalization of pot. I am, in principle, actually in favour of legalizing marijuana, but if you go down to any assembly who objective it is to legalize it, and look at the people protesting most fervently, you will see my point. Do we really want these people having 24/7 access to pot? (like the don’t already) We pay enough of our taxes to EI and Welfare as it is. Now, if they legalized it for people who hold legitimate jobs, that would be different. 

It goes without saying that I could stand to go without a few meals now and then, but that’s not likely to happen. 

Seriously though, I am truly blessed. My life is richer than I could ever have imagine. Like Cheryl Crow said in ‘Soak Up the Sun’, “It’s not getting what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.”

I want what I have… although a winning Loto Max ticket would be nice…